Aastra 5361ip

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Ürün Kodu:  A5361ip
Stok Durumu:  Stokta var
Sipariş İçin Arayınız :  0212 325 26 46
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The system terminal Aastra 5361ip is the follow-up model of the Aastra 5360ip.

Differences to the Aastra 5360:

The 10 configurable keys are supported by LEDs
It has the same display as already the Aastra 5360ip
The convenient standard scope of Aastra 5361ip is designed to address the various needs of modern business communications.

Its clear display, numerous pre-programmed and easily configurable function keys, as well as user-friendly operation via the integrated navigation key and "Fox" key guarantee user comfort. Inputs in the redial list or personal phonebook are available by pressing a button.

Since it is wall mountable, it is ideal for the maintenance and service area.

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