Aastra 5370ip

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Ürün Kodu:  A5370ip
Stok Durumu:  Stokta var
Sipariş İçin Arayınız :  0212 325 26 46
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As a standard, 12 freely configurable keys are available for team, control and alarm functions.

The Aastra 5370ip can be equipped with a headset. Based on the DHSG standard, the headset can be used to control the volume, as well as to accept and clear down calls.

Significantly reduced LAN (Local Area Network) cabling requirements thanks to an integrated mini switch. Using this mini-switch connection, additional network terminals (e.g. PC, printer) can directly be connected. All models can be powered via Power over Ethernet (PoE) or from an optional mains power supply adapter. 

The Aastra 5370ip can easily be expanded with one additional keypad.

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