Aastra 5380ip

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In addition to its large back-lit display, the Aastra 5380ip has an integrated alphanumeric keyboard which saves users valuable time when searching for contact names or when writing text messages. Practical functions such as automatic call-back, call forwarding and conference call also help improve efficiency during your daily routine. In order to protect the telephone against unauthorised use, it can be allocated an access code.
Increased productivity thanks to an expansion keypad

Users have the option of extending the Aastra 5380ip with up to three additional keypads each with 20 keys or with LCD display-based expansion keypads, each with 15 keys. The actual status of a function is visually indicated by a red or a green LED integrated into each key. Depending on the displayed colour you can immediately see, for example, whether a team member is on an external or an internal call.


The angle of the Aastra 5300ip system telephones can be set to either 25 or 40 degrees to best suit the room’s lighting conditions. This guarantees that you always have an optimal view of the display. Naturally, the telephone can also be wall mounted if desired. All Aastra 5300ip terminals within a company can be configured via a Web interface, which considerably reduces the work of the system administrator.


When used together with a headset, the Aastra 5380/5380ip is also ideal for telephony workplaces. As an option the phone can also be expanded with a Bluetooth module. Combined with a wireless headset it allows you to take and end calls with ease, straight from the headset.

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