Aastra 5370

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Ürün Kodu:  Aastra 5370
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The Aastra 5370 (Office 70) is an all-round model with an advanced range of features.
Via its "attention" LED, users are informed of newly received text and voice messages even if they have chosen to reduce the ringing volume.

As standard, 12 freely configurable keys are available for team, control and alarm functions.

When used together with a headset, the Aastra 5370 is also optimally designed for heavy telephone users, such as call centre agents. Being based on the DHSG standard, the headset can be used to control the volume, as well as to accept and clear down calls.


The angle of the Aastra 5300 system telephones can be set to either 25 or 40 degrees to best suit the room’s lighting conditions. This guarantees that you always have an optimal view of the display. Of course, the telephone can also be wall mounted if desired.


Just a few simple actions are required to expand the Aastra 5370 with one additional keypad.

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